The Heritage Playhouse

Outdoor playhouse the heritage

Price: $5364

16' W x 8' D x 12' H

Heritage outdoor playhouse

The Heritage outdoor playhouse is a cut above the ordinary. With larger windows that are shuttered on the bottom and plexiglass on the top, dormers front and back, and a gridded picture window, this house has characteristics that set it apart from the others. The interior features vaulted rooms, a fireplace, an L-shaped stairway, and railed overlooks, while the exterior has an oversized wrap-around porch with swing, staggered roof lines, and hexagon windows. And with available options that include decks, rock climbing walls and slides, The Heritage will show off your great taste and become the favorite outdoor play place for your children and their friends. Also available in kit form, or plans.

Main Level Upper Level Optional Accessories
Spacious front entry 1 Large room 4' x 8' Deck ($299)
Room with vaulted ceiling Railed overlook to lower floor 4' x 8' Redwood Deck ($421)
Decorative fireplace with mantel 4 Plywood shutter windows with latches Rock climbing wall ($275)
L- Shaped staircase 1 Hexagon window Bay window ($175)
Wrap around front porch with swing 5 1/2' Upper floor head height Firepole ($150)
3 Plywood shutter windows with latches   Vinyl windows ($875)
34" x 34" Picture window with grids   Slide ($200)
2 Sidelight windows by door   Redwood Porches ($370)
20" x 54" Door   Heart shutters ($150)
Lower level head height 5'   Additional height ($300) per foot

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Heritage Playhouse Layout
left side of childs playhouse
wrap around porch with swing for playhouse
picture window on childs playhouse
lower floorplan for heritage kids playhouse
*Window locations are indicated by the
boxed out sections in the walls
upper floorplan for heritage playhouse
interior door of childs playhouse
inside of outdoor playhouse
decorative fireplace in the heritage playhouse
railed overlook in the playhouse
upstairs room in heritage kids playhouse
dormers in playhouse
overlooking the vault rail in playhouse