The Mini Country Cottage Playhouse Plans

kids outdoor playhouse plan

Price For Downloadable Plan: $39.95

12' W x 8' D x 12' H


(Shown with optional vinyl windows)

The Mini Country Cottage playhouse plans features a vaulted entry with a railed overlook from the second floor, a fireplace, and lots of room inside. The exterior features eight windows and a wrap-around porch with swing.

Main Level Upper Level
1 Large room 1 Spacious room
Fireplace with decorative mantel (3) Shutter windows with latches
L-Shaped staircase (1) Plexiglass window
Wrap around porch with swing 3 1/2' at the wall vaulting to 5 1/2' at the peak upper level head height
(2) Shutter windows with latches  
(2) Plexiglass windows  
20" x 54" Door  
5' Lower level head height  

Standard Playhouse Models To Choose From

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Don't have the time or the tools to do all the intricate work? Let us do it for you. Check out the available options below. You can do as much or as little as you like on the plan

plywood shutter window
Shutter Window
vinyl plyahouse window
Vinyl Window
sidelight window
5 x 20 Window
six pane window
12 x 18 Window
bay window
Bay Window
L-shaped Staircase
playhouse door
kids fireplace
Decorative Wood Fireplace
kids porch swing
Porch Swing
Scalloped Roof Trim

Price for Mini Country Cottage Playhouse Plan $39.95

First Select The Mini Country Cottage Plan, Then add additional Items To Make Building Easier:
Mini Country Cottage Playhouse Plan (+39.95).

Add Pre-made Windows For Building Ease
Standard MCC window pkg: plywood shutter, 5 x 20 and 12 x 18 windows (+309.00).
MCC Vinyl window pkg: vinyl windows, 5 x 20 and 12 x 18 windows (+789.00).

Other Additional Mini Country Cottage Trim Items To Speed Up Building Process:
MCC Bay Window (+290.00).
Mini Country Cottage Door (+160.00).
L-shaped Staircase (+180.00).
Decorative Wood Fireplace (+80.00).
Porch Swing (+115.00).
Scalloped Roof Trim (+250.00).

Complete Mini Country Cottage Trim Packages (*saves $100 compared to ordering components separately)
Mini Country Cottage Standard Trim Package: Shutter windows, 5 x 20 and 12 x 18 windows, door, stairs, fireplace, swing, scalloped trim (+994.00).
Mini Country Cottage Deluxe Trim Package: Vinyl windows, 5 x 20 and 12 x 18 windows, bay window, door, L-shaped stairs, fireplace, porch swing, scalloped trim (+1744.00).

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Mini Country Cottage Playhouse Layout
wooden playhouse left side
backyard kids playhouse backside
right side of wooden playhouse
playhouse floorplan for the mini country cottage
*Window locations are indicated by the
boxed out sections in the walls
wood playhouse floorplan for kids
Inteior image of upper floor of playhouse
Intierior image of childrens playhouse
Intierior image of playhouse staircase