Outdoor Playhouse Kits

11 Standard models to choose from

Use one of these outdoor playhouse kits to construct a dream home for your children. Items included in the outdoor kits are pre-assembled walls, floors, stairs, porch roofs, doors, windows, and porch swings. And with pre-cut rafters, handrails, and porch roof supports, this will be a fun and easy weekend project for your family. If your wondering how to build a playhouse? Don't worry, each kit includes detailed instructions with drawings to walk you step by step through the process.
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Queen anne children's playhouse
The Queen Anne

23' W x 13' D x 14' H
Little miss playhouse
The Little Miss

8' W x 8' D x 8' H
image of country cottage playhouse
The Country Cottage

15' W x 8' D x 12' H
cottage kids playhouse
The Cottage

12' W x 8' D x 12' H
spoiler playhouse
The Spoiler

12' W x 8' D x 12' H
condo kids playhouse
The Condo

8' W x 12' D x 12' H
outdoor castle
The Victorian Castle

14' W x 8' D x 12' H
gables kit
The Gables

11' W x 8' D x 9' H
princess kit
The Princess

12' W x 8' D x 12' H
image of heritage playhouse
The Heritage

16' W x 8' D x 12' H
Swiss Miss wood playhouse
The Swiss Miss

12' W x 8' D x 12' H
image of mini country cottage kids playhouse
The Mini Country Cottage

12' W x 8' D x 12' H
image of country gal childrens playhouse
The Country Gal

8' W x 12' D x 12' H
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Standard Kids Playhouse Models To Choose From