The Backyard Clubhouse

Image of backyard clubhouse

Price: $4582

12' W x 12' D x 14' H


(Shown with optional rock climbing wall, vinyl windows and slide)

Wood manor childrens backyard clubhouse is all about fun. This outdoor wood clubhouse comes with a fireman's pole, rope swing, large front porch, and walkways on both sides making it the perfect backyard kids clubhouse for the active child. And with available options that include rock climbing wall and slide, The clubhouse will become the favorite play place for your kids and their friends. If you want to build your own clubhouse visit our clubhouse plans page. Our plans will take you step by step through the building process. Create your own adventure by building your dream clubhouse.

Clubhouse Features

Standard with clubhouse Optional Accessories
4' Balcony with 2' walkways on both sides Rock climbing wall ($275)
Firepole Vinyl windows ($500)
Staircase Slide ($200)
Climbing rope Redwood Porches ($500)
20" x 54" Door 32" x 32" Gridded picture window ($150)
Interior head height 6' at the walls peaking up to 8'  
4 Shuttered windows  
Elevated off the ground 5'  

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Standard Playhouse Models To Choose From

Clubhouse Layout
kids clubhouse
childrens club house
clubhouse floorplan
*Window locations are indicated by the
boxed out sections in the walls