The Swiss Miss Playhouse Kit

build a swiss miss playhouse

Price: $3340

12' W x 8' D x 12' H

Swiss Style Playhouse

This playhouse kit with its steep roof and two dormers is perfect for that Swiss chalet charm. The Swiss Miss playhouse kit features a vaulted entry, fireplace and a railed overlook on the upper floor. The exterior with its ten windows and front porch has a Bavarian style that looks great in any setting. And with available options that include deck, rock climbing wall and slide, The Swiss Miss will be a terrific addition to any outdoor play area. It will become the place where your child's imaginations come to life. The playhouse kit is a perfect solution for anyone who wants the building experience with a little help. It also is a great way to same a little money along the way. Your playhouse kit comes ready to be assembled. It will arrive in a crate with the walls, doors, windows, rafters, floors, stairs and dormers all ready built for you. All you need to do is assemble kit. The Swiss Miss playhouse is also available in pre-built form or plans.

Swiss Miss Playhouse Features

Kit Comes With Items Customer Provides
2 x 4 Framed walls (5) 4 x 4 x 8 Pressure treated
(1) Doors with casing (13) T-111 exterior siding
(4) Shutter windows (9) Sheets of osb 7/16 wafer board
(5) Plexiglass windows (3) Sheets of 3/4" CDX plywood
2 x 4 Framed floors (20) 1 x 6 x 14 cedar or pine boards
2 x 4 Rafters (10) 2 x 4 x 8 Fir studs
Porch railing (1) 2 x 4 x 10 Fir stud
Bay window (1) 2 x 4 x 12 Fir studs
Complete assembly instructions (1) 2 x 4 x 14 Fir studs
  (8) Bundles of Shingles
  Estimated total cost of additional materials $1227

Standard Playhouse Models To Choose From

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Your Kit Will Arrive In A Crate Like This

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Select Play house Kit, Then Add Desired Options:

Playhouse Model

Swiss Miss Playhouse Kit  ($3340.00)

Add additional Options:

Vinyl Windows  ($750.00)
One Foot Additional Height  ($300.00)
Redwood Porch  ($275.00)

If Ordering Vinyl Windows This Option Is Also Available:

Heart Shutters  ($180.00)

Deck Options:

Standard Playhouse No Deck  ($0.00)
Elevated 4 x 8 Deck  ($299.00)
Elevated Redwood 4 x 8 Deck  ($370.00)

If Ordering A Deck This Option Is Also Available:

Rock Climbing Wall  ($275.00)

  Item Total    

Main Level Upper Level Optional Accessories
1 Large spacious room 1 Large room 4' x 8' Deck ($299)
Decorative fireplace with mantel 2 Dormers with gridded windows 4' x 8' Redwood Deck ($370)
Staircase 2 Plywood shutter windows with latches Rock climbing wall ($275)
Vaulted entry 1 Six pane gridded window Vinyl windows ($660)
2 Plywood shutter windows with latches Railed overlook to lower floor Redwood Porches ($275)
1 Bay window    
2 5" x 20" Sidelight windows  
5' Lower level head height    
Swiss Miss Playhouse Layout
image of kids playhouse
wood kids playhouse
childs playhouse the swiss miss
swiss miss floorplan
*Window locations are indicated by the
boxed out sections in the walls
swiss miss upper floorplan
Inteior image of upper floor of playhouse
Intierior image of childrens playhouse
Intierior image of playhouse staircase